Compostela is the goal sought by pilgrims from all over the world who walk the Way of Saint James. Or rather, THE ROADS, since there are many routes that people take to reach this goal common to all of them.

Similarly, the promotion of entrepreneurship can be approached from multiple perspectives: awakening the entrepreneurial spirit, developing competencies and skills for entrepreneurship, generating new employment opportunities and improving employability, training in entrepreneurial skills and attitudes or studying the entrepreneurial phenomenon in a territory and improving environmental conditions to promote economic development.

All these dimensions of entrepreneurship have a common denominator: they always achieve better results if the agents involved work together in multidisciplinary teams that also incorporate the diversity of the social and cultural realities of the different territories.

With this leitmotif we thought the motto of this Meeting: “New horizons of collaboration in entrepreneurship”.

  • It is necessary to explore current and future ways of cooperation between higher education institutions to develop their three missions (training, research and knowledge transfer) in the field of entrepreneurship.

    All proposals related to research and education in entrepreneurship are welcome. Those accepted will be grouped globally into two major areas (with their corresponding sub-areas) that constitute the main lines of interest of the two events held jointly in this edition:

    I. Entrepreneurial Research

    • I.1 Research work based on GEM data.
    • I.2 Research on the entrepreneurial process in general.

    II. Education in entrepreneurship

    • II.1 Research on the Teaching and Learning Process of Entrepreneurship.
    • II.2 Case studies (experiences, good practices and new methodologies) for entrepreneurship training.
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