Call for papers

In this edition, only extended abstracts will be sent. Each proposal may have a maximum length of 1000 words. Spanish, English and Portuguese are accepted languages. Each author can send a maximum of two abstracts.

Proposals may be defended in person or remotely.

  • Title

    Full name, affiliation and contact email of author(s)

    Sub-area of proposal

    (indicate I.1, I.2, II.1 or II.2 as detailed under “Topics”

    Summary, following indicative outline:

    a. General description and background
    b. Objective/s
    c. Methodology
    d. Main expected results
    e. Main results and contribution
    f. Keywords (from 3 to 5)
    g. In addition, an annex with a bibliography can be included (APA 6th edition). In this case, it will be computed within the maximum number of words indicated.


    > General text: Times New Roman 12 point. Titles 14 points, in bold.
    > Paragraph: Right and left justified, 1.5 line spacing and previous 6 point spacing
    > Page: margins 2.5 cm.

Abstracts will be submitted until July 10th.

You can access the submission system by clicking on the link below.

Authors will be notified by email

about the Scientific Committee’s decision by 18 July.

Two papers will be awarded (to be notified during the closing ceremony)

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