Santiago de Compostela · SEPTEMBER 24 – 26, 2020


Research in Entrepreneurship

The GEM Spanish network, recently named Observatorio de Emprendimiento de España, is holding its 14th edition of the GEM-based research workshop, while the business creation Section of ACEDE is holding its 9th workshop. Given that both entities jointly held the last four editions of this workshop, Santiago is hosting the V International Workshop on Research in Entrepreneurship GEM- ACEDE.

Education in Entrepreneurship

The VI Conference on Education for Entrepreneurship (CEE’2020) is an initiative that begins in 2015 by the Pedro Nunes Institute of Coimbra to collect experiences and practices in the field of education for entrepreneurship. It is being held for the first time in Spain, seeking maximum interaction between the participants to encourage the cross generation of ideas and experiences between teachers and researchers from both countries.

Entrepreneurial research has grown exponentially over the last few decades, consolidating itself as a field of study with its own autonomy. At the same time entrepreneurial activity has demonstrated its capacity to promote innovation and economic development in a territory. Thus, it is a priority for public policy in all countries and a reason for synergy between the business sector and academic institutions.

In such times of uncertainty as we are experiencing in 2020, entrepreneurship takes on special relevance. Advances in studies in this field, both in research and in teaching, which can contribute to providing guidelines for action in what is the most complicated moment in recent world history, are a challenge in all areas of the economy.

For all these reasons, Santiago de Compostela is hosting an international meeting next September in which two events focusing on the entrepreneurial process will be held simultaneously. With the participation of researchers and teachers from Spain and Portugal, this meeting will allow us to tackle a major challenge: to enable our scientific community to present and discuss –in person or remotely– measures, actions and proposals to help the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

We invite teachers and researchers from Spain and Portugal to share their work in this IBERIAN MEETING OF RESEARCH AND EDUCATION FOR ENTREPRENEURSHIP. We aim to reach a global and complementary vision of these disciplines that allows us to develop synergies between research projects and educational experiences in the field of entrepreneurship.

This will undoubtedly be a special event: the challenges that we have to face at the beginning of this turbulent decade are the most important for the future of entrepreneurship.

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